Understanding A/B Testing and its benefits

As an online business owner you can dramatically change your conversion rates simply by testing different landing pages of your site. The one that proves to be the best, you can implement that. However, A/B testing or split testing is one of the most cardinal methods for doing this. The name itself explains the testing. Simply put, you take two versions of your landing page namely ‘A’ and ‘B’ and test them to identify the one performs best. You randomly assign both of the versions to your visitors and monitor the analytics in equal proportions. A/B testing provides multitude of benefits. Some of the major ones are:

• Easy analysis: A simple analysis can help you determine the winner. You’ve to compare the fundamental versions to each of your assigned challenge and see which one reaches your expected statistical level.


• Inexpensive: To perform A/B testing, you simply need to compare two variations that are slightly different from each other and this significantly lowers your development costs. And at the end, you get a data driven analysis which helps you modify your website accordingly and increase your conversion rate.


• Works with actual visitors: This is one of the biggest advantages of A/B testing. When you implement some changes in your site or launch a new product or service, you could never know whether it’ll work for your target audience or not. Split testing is aimed at actual visitors which lets you monitor your target audience’s reaction toward the change. This helps you understand the public acceptance of your modification and you can then change your marketing strategies accordingly to provide your visitors with what they actually want.


• Easy test design: A/B testing doesn’t need to be carefully balanced or designed. You just need to decide on the number of versions you actually want to test, design them with slight differences and distribute your available traffic among them evenly.


A/B testing also provides some disadvantages including inefficient data collection. But if you’re about to enter into the world of landing page optimization, split testing should be the best way to start.

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