How to make your home more energy efficient


When you’re thinking of renovating your home, you can do more than only visual enhancements by making it more energy efficient. An energy efficient home isn’t only environmental friendly but a money saver as well. With the help of the tips given below, you can cut down your energy bills and lower your carbon footprints at the same time.

Tips for Kitchen


Kitchens are widely considered as the heart of a home and one of the most popular places for any kind of home renovation project. Most of the kitchen improvement jobs aim at replacing outer features including cabinets, counters and floors. You can go for sustainable materials that are naturally environment-friendly. Buy “Energy Star” materials that utilize less power and water thus helping you lower the energy bills.

Tips for Bathroom


When you’re planning to make some alterations in your bathroom, some smaller decisions can help you make it energy efficient. If you’re planning to replace sinks, shower-heads and faucets, go for low-flow options that help you save water while maintaining a standard water pressure. Additionally, you can invest in a low flow toilet or dual flush to increase the energy efficiency of your bathroom.

Tips for Living Areas


Though it’s comparatively difficult to make bedrooms and living rooms more energy efficient but you can do it with a little extra planning. Go for sustainable materials like hardwood flooring. Select curtains that help reduce heat transfer. Try to add some extra insulation and new ceiling fans that greatly help in lowering the heating and cooling costs.

Tips for refrigerator


After buying a new refrigerator, many of us keep the old one as backup for liquid refreshment and party supplies. This extra storage consumes a significant amount of electricity every year. Ideally, you should look for an Energy Star rated one while buying a new fridge and the size of it should be according to your requirement only.

Extra tips

If you live in an older house, most likely you’re having comparatively poor insulation. Plant shrubs and shade trees on the west side of your house. It would help you to keep your home’s temperature low in summer and high in winter.

Apply these tips today and enjoy an energy efficient home and a greener earth.

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