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Understanding A/B Testing and its benefits

As an online business owner you can dramatically change your conversion rates simply by testing different landing pages of your site. The one that proves to be the best, you can implement that. However, A/B testing or split testing is one of the most cardinal methods for doing this. The name itself explains the testing. ....Read More

4 Key benefits of conversion rate optimization

Simply put, conversion rate optimization or CRO is a systematic and structured approach to enhance the performance of your website. By optimizing the conversion rate of your site you increase the percentage of your visitors that take a desired action on your webpage. Remember that conversion rate optimization isn’t based on hunches, guesses or something ....Read More

4 Reasons why you should use Exit Intent Technology

Exit intent technology is one of the most sought after technologies that are used to increase a website’s conversion rate. By using this technology you can enhance your website’s conversion rate by over 10%. You may have spent years optimizing your website and driving traffic but the outcome may still much below your expected level ....Read More

How to make your home more energy efficient

When you’re thinking of renovating your home, you can do more than only visual enhancements by making it more energy efficient. An energy efficient home isn’t only environmental friendly but a money saver as well. With the help of the tips given below, you can cut down your energy bills and lower your carbon footprints ....Read More