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What’s your writing resolution in 2015?

Every New Year, most of us make resolutions – to lose weight; to go out on that vacation we have been dreaming of, for quite some time now; to get paid more and so on. In case you make a living writing or aspire to write and earn, perhaps you too have made a resolution to write better and more in 2015. Even if you haven’t, you should set some goals right now to make your efforts count. After all, lamenting about not having enough time or not making adequate effort to write won’t help you finish that novel or land that lucrative gig.

Here are some steps that can help you move forward towards your writing resolution in 2015, steadily and with success:

Write and then do some more: Okay, it may sound cliché but to become a writer and get paid for your efforts, you just have to start writing. In case you are a beginner, find some places to post your pieces and get feedback from experts. It could be a blog, your social networking account, or a website where you can post. In case you already have some experience writing for different niches, find guest posing opportunities or sites that pay for your contributions. However, remember that whether you are a pro or a novice, you have to tell people about your work. So, be shameless in beating your trumpets and sharing links to your work. Though you risk getting both garlands and brickbats from your readers, your content is sure to grab attention and eyeballs. And who doesn’t love basking in the glory of high traffic that his/her writing brings?

Get out of your comfort zone: Perhaps you love writing travel pieces or enjoy doling out advice about health and fitness. Ever wondered about coming out of your comfort zone and expanding your niche? Agreed that you have a comfort zone and love the security it offers. But have you ever wondered about risking stagnation and boredom if you stay too long within this self-inflicted boundary? If not, it’s time to give it some serious thought and experiment with voices as well as styles that you haven’t used until now. Read books or find sites online that feature content about your chosen field and follow leading names who are known for writing interesting stuff about various aspects of such fields. Educate yourself and then take the plunge. Remember – getting stuck in the rut won’t help your writing goals. So, step out of your comfort zone and be brave to experiment with a new niche.

Shout from the rooftops about your profession: Though the notion about writers has steadily changed over the years, some people may still look down upon the profession. This is more so for freelance writers. No wonder that many freelancers shy away from saying what they do. If you too belong to this league, we suggest you acknowledge your status as a writer and start calling yourself one. Tell people and mention your profession on your social networking accounts. Above all – keep reminding yourself from time to time why you became a writer and why you love calling yourself one. This would help you, especially during those crests of life when everything appears bleak.

So, move ahead boldly and get ready to excel in your writing career.

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