4 Reasons why you should use Exit Intent Technology

Exit intent technology is one of the most sought after technologies that are used to increase a website’s conversion rate. By using this technology you can enhance your website’s conversion rate by over 10%. You may have spent years optimizing your website and driving traffic but the outcome may still much below your expected level only because your site’s abandon rate is quite high. Exit intent pop-ups attract a visitor’s attention before s/he navigates away. Let’s have a look at 4 key reasons for which you must use exit intent popups.

1. Recommend other products: When a user leaves a website without converting, it generally means that he or she doesn’t found the product for which he/she came to your site. With exit intent popups you can recommend them your other hot selling products which might entice them to reconsider their buying decision.

2. Second chance to convert: When a visitor leaves your site, there’s no guarantee that s/he will return ever. With exit intent technology you obtain a second chance to convince him/her. You can modify your approach in various ways like you can display a new message, reinforce your original message, capture contact information etc.

3. Email list building: Exit intent popups not only help you increase your conversion rate but they greatly help in developing your email list too. Everybody understands the importance of a solid email list and majority of the exit intent technologies gathers information about the buying nature of the visitors. When you’ve a robust email list of prospective customers and a good understanding of their buying nature, you can easily send out personalized emails to boost your conversion rate.

4. Pattern interrupt: This term has been in use for years in sales landscape. Basically it stands for doing something that interrupts visitors from their normal pattern. Exit intent popups engages the unengaged users and compel to think in a different manner.
Now, when you’re aware of 4 incredible benefits of using exit intent technology what’s stopping you? Install exit intent popups today and start reaping the benefits of increased conversion rate over your competitors.

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