4 Key benefits of conversion rate optimization

Simply put, conversion rate optimization or CRO is a systematic and structured approach to enhance the performance of your website. By optimizing the conversion rate of your site you increase the percentage of your visitors that take a desired action on your webpage. Remember that conversion rate optimization isn’t based on hunches, guesses or something like that. Instead, it solely depends on user analytics. However, in this post, I’ve jotted down 4 key benefits of conversion rate optimization to help you understand its importance.

• More profit: While CRO is mostly aimed at increased revenue, you shouldn’t expect that it’ll help you to make thousands of dollars as additional profit in couple of weeks. Instead, you can expect incremental revenue over time. In most of the cases, CRO helps you identify different areas of opportunities that can help you experience increased conversions.

• Build trust: A major part of CRO involved ensuring that your site is a legitimate one. As online shoppers are highly concerned, especially for security breaches, about the security of their personal information. If you can perform CRO in a proper manner, your site will look honest as your brand actually is and that immensely helps to develop trust and encourage your visitors to proceed further and complete a purchase.

• SEO: CRO greatly helps you boost your site’s SEO. How? Let me explain. As part of the CRO, most likely you’ll perform A/B testing to identify which parts of your site attract highest number of visitors and you’ll implement those changes accordingly. This automatically lowers your website bounce rate which is considered as a ranking factor by Google. If you’ve a reduced bounce rate, you stand a better chance to outrank your competition and you can have better SERP rankings.

• Social media activity: When you perform CRO strategically, your social media activities will experience a boost and your overall online popularity will gradually increase. If you can obtain a significant number of followers and likes on different social media platforms, people start talking about your brand and this greatly impacts positively toward your overall sell and increase your brand reputation.

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